Our Mission and Vision

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1.   To develop a strong spiritual lifestyle emphasis through stewardship.

2.   To foster an increase in personal and public evangelism on all levels of the
      church and to provide church-growth funds for key city evangelism.

3.   To increase Sabbath school and church attendance by meeting the spiritual
      needs of our members.

4.   To emphasize the spiritual and developmental needs of our youth.


Quinquennium Goals


Sabbath school and Church Attendance 10% Increase
Membership 5% Increase
Mission Giving 5% Increase
School Enrollment 10% Increase
Tithe 10% Increase




Churches 500
Companies 58
Members 87,331
Population (as of July 2017) 35,839,756
Elementary Schools and Junior Academies 71
Academies 8
Students (2016-2017) 3,016
Territory Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and a portion of Minnesota
Comprising Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan and Wisconsin Conferences