Executive Committee

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Executive Committee Duties

Between meetings of the Lake Union Constituency, the Lake Union Executive Committee has administrative power to act on behalf of the constituency. The Lake Union Executive Committee appoints Union leaders and committees, fills vacancies, grants and withdraws credentials and licenses, and transacts such executive business as is in harmony with Union, Division, and General Conference policies. The Lake Union Executive Committee meets three times each year: February, May, and November.

Executive Committee Membership

Some people are members of the executive committee automatically because they have been elected to certain positions of leadership in the Lake Union. These positions include the Union officers, vice president and associate treasurer, local Conference presidents and one officer, Andrews University president, and the president of Adventist Midwest Health.

In addition, additional representation is selected from the field giving careful attention to making sure the committee includes ethnic, gender, geographic, and lay/pastor balance. 



Chairman - Maurice Valentine (Lake Union president)

Secretary - Steven Poenitz (Lake Union executive secretary)


Committee Members

AMITA Health - Thor G. Thordardson

Andrews University - Andrea Luxton (University President)

Illinois Conference

  • Ron Aguilera (Illinois President)
  • Jon Grys
  • Michael Daum
  • Arlene Brown-Dominguez
  • Jason Goliath

Indiana Conference

  • Vic Van Schaik (Indiana President)
  • Mark M. Eaton
  • Kathy A. Griffin
  • Brent E. Schalk

Lake Region Conference

  • R Clifford Jones (Lake Region president)
  • Clayton Loney
  • Floyd Mathis
  • Eddie Allen Sr.
  • Brandon Dent Sr. 
  • Julius Everett Sr.
  • Mirely Guerro
  • Pamela Hatchett-McElroy
  • William Lee
  • Garth Gabriel

Michigan Conference

  • Jim Micheff (Michigan president)
  • Liesbeth Fernandez
  • James Micheff Jr.
  • Ray Cook
  • Kameron DeVasher
  • Mark Howard
  • Paulina Janevski
  • Nereida Martinez
  • Wesley Peppers

Wisconsin Conference

  • Michael G. Edge (Wisconsin president)
  • Gerado Medina
  • Titus Naftanaila

Lake Union Conference

  • Maurice R. Valentine II  (Lake Union President)
  • Carmelo Mercado
  • Glynn C.W. Scott


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