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Jon Corder

Treasury/Trust Services


The Lake Union Conference Stewardship department's goal is to fully equip each conference director so they, in turn, may inspire and educate each local member about the blessing of being a faithful steward.

If you have stewardship questions please contact me or your local conference stewardship director. 


Illinois Justo Morales 630.856.2854
Indiana Vialo Weis 317.844.6201
Lake Region Eddie Allen 773.846.2661
Michigan Joel Nephew 517.316.1500
Wisconsin Tom Michalski 660.269.6425


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Basic Principles of Tithing

  1. God made everything therefore owns everything. Psalm 24:1
  2. God has given us dominion over the things He made - we are His Stewards. Genesis 1:28; Psalm 8:6
  3. Returning tithe should be in response to God's goodness to us, not something we do to obtain His blessings - although He does bless in response to our returning tithe. 
  4. Thankfulness and joy are an important ingredient to the "returning tithe process." Deuteronomy 26:111
  5. Tithing should be consistent, a good habit that a person has. 
  6. Tithing acknowledges that everything good comes from God - Jacob's response should be ours, "of all that you give me." Genesis 28:22
  7. The tithe blessings may not always be financial. God told Abraham that "He would be his shield and exceedingly great reward." Should that not be our desire-to have the Pearl of Great Price as our blessing for returning tithe? Genesis 15:1

God's invitation (and amnesty program) is "return to me and I will return to you." After the invitation He reminds us of all we miss out on when we choose not to return our tithe to Him. Malachi 3:7-10