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Former President


Former Lake Union Conference President extended a formal apology to Lake Region Conference.  Under the leadership of Elder Don Livesay, at a Lake Region camp meeting, a formal apology was made to the Lake Region Conference for injustices of the past.  Elder Livesay was visionary in making said remarks and his statements were reflective of the  spirit  of  our  pioneers who actively engaged in breaking down racial barriers. His apology was well received by those at the encampment. 



Elder Livesay followed up this important event with a Journey to Healing event  at  the  Village  Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan, where multiple guests were invited to participate in a panel discussion to speak to the uneasy issue of race relations. Virtually every conference in the Lake Union was represented at this watershed event where many left gratified that discussion transpired at Elder Livesay’s behest. 



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